The Importance of SCA and DBRA Compliance and Review of Recent DOL Violations

July 2, 2021
3 min read

With the Department of Labor wage and hour investigations on the rise under the Biden Administration, now is an important time to review your company’s SCA and DBRA compliance practices.

GSA offers customized, in-house training on SCA and DBRA compliance. While regulations may be satisfied in a number of ways, our technical experts will educate your staff on practical applications that will show you how to remain compliant while keeping an eye on what matters most, your bottom line.

Recent DOL violation findings:

  • US Department of Labor recovers $1.5M in back wages for 242 home healthcare workers in Pennsylvania, Missouri
  • US Department of Labor recovers $98K for 39 construction workers denied overtime wages by Jamul employer
  • St. Louis metal finishing company pays $45K in back wages, benefits to employee terminated illegally while on protected leave
  • Court orders two Minnesota restaurants to pay $435k in back wages following US Department of Labor investigation
  • US Department of Labor recovers more than $1M for 362 gas pipeline workers in five states after federal court affirms investigation’s findings

To learn how GSA training could help you on your path to SCA compliance or how to be prepared for a DOL audit, visit our SCA Compliance area or contact us at 1.800.250.2741 or

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