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About GSA National

GSA National has been helping government contractors ensure compliance and streamline costs since 1991. GSA National provides consulting, compliance and administrative outsource services to many of the industry’s leading contractors.

Specializing in the design, management and administration of employee benefit programs for government contractors both domestically and internationally, GSA National also offers SCA training, compliance and conformance analysis, and more.

The Evolution of an Industry Leader

GSA National’s success can be directly linked to their willingness and ability to help contractors adapt to an ever changing regulatory environment. The first to introduce the use of traditional, comprehensive medical coverage in an hourly format, GSA is also always ahead of the curve in helping clients coordinate SCA compliance with other regulatory challenges, from FMLA* to PPACA**.

GSA National’s results-driven team of professionals now includes a number of industry-specific experts, including SCA Compliance specialists and trainers, H&W audit and accounting professionals, ERISA attorneys, audit preparation and HR consultants, etc.

Revolutionizing Web-Based Benefit Administration

Through a strategic partnership with the industry leader in healthcare and benefits technology, GSA National has introduced GSA Online. GSA Online is a breakthrough platform that utilizes advanced technology solutions for benefit administration and employee services, including web-based enrollment, automated electronic data exchange, Premium Reserve Account communication, and employee benefits education.

* Family Medical Leave Act
** Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

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