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    • Eligibility and Benefits Administrations


      GSA Online allows employees to access and enroll, view and update their benefits on an online platform, anytime. The Platform presents information in a way that is easy to understand and aids employees in the process with plan comparison and decision support tools. HR Administrators, brokers and carrier representatives have access to a suite of tools to help them support employees and manage the enrollment process.

      • Web-based enrollment
      • 24/7 access to benefit information, forms and Premium Reserve Account information
      • Management of the full employee benefit lifecycle, from enrollment to COBRA
      • Seamless data exchange with insurance carrier, payroll and other systems
      • Streamlined employee benefit education
      • Benefit package design tools
      • Streamlined employee benefit education

      With the Platform’s employee self-service tool, employees can easily enroll in their benefits online. An intuitively engineered design makes it simple, regardless of the employee’s level of expertise with computers. Employees can read more about their plan options, askquestions and watch videos to learn more details about their benefits

    • Trust and Accounting Services


      GSA’s Premium Reserve and Trust Accounting services are an all-in-one solution offering the following benefits to our clients…

      • Premium allocation, consolidated billing, collection and reconciliation
      • Track and maintain plan contributions at the contract and participant level
      • Provide accounting reports of plan contributions and benefit allocations
      • Premium reserve accounting and reporting
      • Employer online access to company level reports
      • Allocation and tracking of sponsor’s payroll-related fringe costs (i.e., Sick leave, Paid Time Off, etc.)
      • Surplus benefit reporting to plan sponsor and other third-parties
      • Financial reporting, trust bank account reconciliations and other cost reports
      • Trust administration and account maintenance
      • Quarterly participant statements

      Sample Products

      Reports can be provided as requested. The financial report shown here is a financial statement provided quarterly with Trust Accounting.

    • Compliance Review & Look-Back Analysis for SCA, Davis-Bacon or Related Acts


      Industry experts estimate that at least 50% of Contractors are currently out of compliance. Did you knowthat contractors are also subject to fines and penalties, both civil and criminal, if their subcontractors are out of compliance with the DOL requirements?

      Not knowing your duties is nota defense against compliance deficiencies! With penalties and sanctions becoming more frequent and often substantial, now is the time to put a strategic partner to work for you and your bottom line.

      A GSA compliance review is adetailed and thorough analysis of your fringe benefit costs forcompliancewith DOL requirements. An SCA/DBRA Compliance Review from GSA is designed to help you:

      • Minimize the risk of non-compliance
      • Deter potential audits from the Department of Labor (DOL)
      • Receive immediate assistance for current and ongoing investigations
      • Avoid future funding deficiencies
      • Prevent fringe benefit cost overruns
      • Accurately project future costs
      • Assess compliance with area wage determinations (AWDs)
      • Benefit from compliant, cost-effective and comprehensive recommendations

      Sample Reports

      Reports can be provided as requested. The reports shown here are provided quarterly for SCA Consulting Analysis review.

    • Service Contract Act Coaching and Training


      GSA understands the implications of SCA compliance and can help you navigate the ever changing and complex compliance landscape.

      GSA offers customized training on SCA and DBA compliance for companies and contractors alike! Our sessions are NOT just a recitation of the laws, but PRACTICAL training that will teach you how to apply the laws and remain in compliance.

      Compliance with the Service Contract Act is receiving more attention than ever from the Department of Labor (DOL). The DOL Wage and Hour Division’s renewed commitment to investigations is underscored by aggressive hiring of new investigators, who now constitute 60% of their workforce. These investigators are expected to complete 36,220 compliance actions in 2013, a 45% increase from 24,922 completed in 2009.

      GSA is committed to becoming a partner in education with clients and now offers our extensive SCA training, on-site, at no additional cost. In addition, GSA will also provide a 24/7 SCA support line.

    • Area Wage Classification Audits and Health & Welfare Consulting


      Are you prepared for a DOL Audit?

      Are your government contracts in compliance with the Service Contract Act (SCA)? Determining the health and welfare liability of your SCA contracts – both past and present – is essential to maintaining your long-term viability in the government contracting arena.

      • Assess compliance and wage determinations
      • Minimize the risk of non-compliance
      • Deter potential audits from the Department of Labor
      • Receive immediate assistance for investigations
      • Avoid future funding deficiencies
      • Prevent fringe benefit cost overruns
      • Benefit from cost-effective and comprehensive recommendations