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Simplifying Benefits Management!

GSA Online allows employees to access and enroll, view and update their benefits on an online platform, anytime. The Platform presents information in a way that is easy to understand and aids employees in the process with plan comparison and decision support tools. HR Administrators and carrier representatives have access to a suite of tools to help them support employees and manage the enrollment process.

GSA Online, a single platform allowing employees to:

Elect benefits that meet your employee's needs

  • Compare plans
  • Learn from videos
  • Understand the costs
  • Access plan information
  • Take charge of the process

Enroll in health, life, voluntary and other benefits

  • Complete an application online
  • Enter your information one time!
  • Save and return later
  • Watch instructional videos
  • Print a summary of your information
  • Make changes online throughout the year

Manage employee communications, enrollment and billing

  • Provide personalized communication
  • Add, update and cancel benefits
  • Enforce your business rules
  • Review and approve changes
  • Ensure compliance


Exchange data seamlessly with insurance carriers and HR systems

  • Benefit elections
  • Qualify Life event changes
  • Beneficiary designations
  • Employers can post documents

Employee Self-Service

With the Platform’s employee self-service tool, employees can easily enroll in their benefits online. An intuitively engineered design makes it simple, regardless of the employee’s level of expertise with computers. Employees can read more about their plan options, ask questions and watch videos to learn more details about their benefits.

New Hires, Open Enrollment and Life Events

GSA Online is sophisticated enough to understand each employee’s specific scenario. Employees can make benefit elections as new hires or during an open enrollment period, and the Platform recognizes that only certain changes are permitted when the employee has a life event, such as a birth or marriage.

  • New Hire Enrollment: New hires can enroll in benefits anytime during their initial enrollment period. The Platform calculates wait periods and effective dates automatically to ensure compliance with the employer’s business rules.
  • Open Enrollment: The Platform simplifies open enrollment by providing tools to map employees from one plan to another, such as workflow and to-do lists, e-mail reminders and a wide range of reports.
  • Life Events: Employees can make changes to their elections for specific reasons, such as a birth, marriage and military leave. The Platform calculates effective dates and helps employees understand what types of coverage changes are permitted with each type of life event.