GSA National's Business Continuity Plan for COVID-19

March 12, 2020
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In light of COVID-19, both global and national concerns, we would like to provide you with information pertaining to GSA National’s business continuity preparedness.  GSA has an established business continuity platform that consists of a complete business impact analysis, risk analysis, business continuity plans, disaster recovery plans and regular platform testing. 

As an organization, we are taking appropriate steps, and our planning efforts are well-organized around business continuity, including pandemic planning.  Our planning efforts are meant to protect the health and safety of our employees, mitigate business and operational disruptions for our customers, and to responsibly carry out our regulatory and contractual obligations. The business continuity plan is flexible and can be adapted to a wide range of events.  Our approach includes contingency plans founded on “all hazard” crisis management, business continuity and disaster recovery services.  In general, this includes: 

  1. Virtually enabled employees equipped with routinely tested capabilities.
  2. The ability to require all employees to work remotely in the event of a temporary shutdown of our Fairfax, VA corporate office.
  3. Providing regular communication to our employees and encouraging common seasonal flu prevention practices, including following the provided CDC recommendations for steps to prevent contracting or spreading COVID-19.
  4. Providing regular communication to our employees about the importance of monitoring their health for potential signs of sickness.  If an employee is too sick to work or displays flu or COVID-19 symptoms, they are instructed to not report to work. 
  5. All GSA staff are following the CDC’s travel warnings regarding COVID-19, including refraining from non-critical business travel, refraining from all travel to China, South Korea or any other country which the CDC may recommend against all non-essential travel.
  6. GSA employees continue to monitor news reports and follow the provided directives of the CDC and other health authorities.

Hand sanitizers have been distributed, and other cleaning and sanitizing products are available within our office.  During an event, our Management Team will deploy all appropriate measures.   The Management Team is responsible for managing all aspects of business continuity and recovery activities, including declaring the immediate response portion of the business continuity plan, monitoring activities and making decisions as required.  This team is supported by Human Resources, Legal & Compliance, Communications, Information Technology, and Facilities.  

Overall coordination, guidance and compliance monitoring for business continuity across GSA is a centralized function. The business continuity policy requires all plans to be tested at a minimum annually.  Testing elements include the following:

  • Data center recovery
  • Work-from-home testing
  • Business continuity plan exercises
  • Call-tree routing and testing
  • Crisis management exercises


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