Department of Labor Releases Workplace Wellness Programs Research Report

May 6, 2015
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The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) recently published a report on Workplace Wellness Programs, an analysis of services offered, participation and incentives. Click here for the full report.
The report focuses two sets of data:
Analysis of Employer Survey

  • Which Employer Characteristics Predict Program Availability and Use of Incentives?
  •  How Are Wellness Programs Configured?
  • Are Incentives Increasing Program Uptake?

Analysis of Wellness Program

  • What Employee Characteristics Predict Employee Uptake of Programs?
  • How Do Incentives Alter an Employee’s Decision to (or Not to) Participate?
  • Do Health Care Utilization Patterns Change Following Program Participation?
  • Is There a Differential Effect of Various Programs on Medical Costs?
  • Is There a Dose-Response Effect on Medical Costs in the Intensity of Program Interventions?
  • Is There Evidence that Program Participation May Create Long-Term Gains in Health?

If you have questions about this report, please contact us at 1-800-250-2741 or

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