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The DOL Provides Guidance on How to Coordinate Fringe Benefit Requirements with the Affordable Care Act

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Please feel free to share your thoughts and/or questions in the comments section of this blog below. Last week the Department of Labor (DOL) issued an All Agency Memorandum 220 (AAM), providing long-awaited guidance to governmental agencies on how the Affordable Care Act’s provisions regarding employer shared responsibility interact ... Read More

President Obama Signs Order Requiring Government Contractors to Pay for Sick Leave

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On Monday President Obama signed an executive order forcing companies who contract with the federal government to provide paid sick leave to their employees. The rule change will require firms receiving government contracts to provide an hour of paid sick leave for every thirty hours an employee works, up to seven paid sick days per year. The ... Read More

Obama Administration Drafts Executive Order That Would Require All Federal Government Contractors and Their Subcontractors to Provide Paid Sick Leave

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The Obama administration recently drafted an Executive Order designed to regulate benefits offered by federal contractors and subcontractors. The order would require federal contractors and their subcontractors to provide at least 56 hours (7 days) of paid sick leave per year to employees. The paid sick leave could be used to treat employee illness ... Read More