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SCA – A Practitioner’s Guide

Added Educational Credits!
  • 6 Virginia Insurance Commission Continuing Educations Credits
  • 6 SHRM Professional Development Credits (PDCs)

GSA National has expanded its original and highly successful one-day course, “SCA – A Practitioner’s Guide.” In addition to the basic application of and compliance with SCA, our new program will discuss more complex issues such as employee classifications, collective bargaining agreements under SCA Section 4(c), and contract price adjustments resulting from SCA impact on fixed-price contracts at options or anniversaries.

We have also added a separate course that covers the Davis Bacon and Related Acts (DBRA), including the application of the law, compliance issues, and reporting requirements. Both courses include information on other statutes and regulations related to federal contracting such as the Fair Labor Standards Act, Federal Acquisition Regulation on contract labor requirements, National Labor Relations Act, and other pertinent requirements.

Upcoming courses: 

Practitioner’s Labor Law Training Program: Service Contract Act

December 3, 2019

Featured Speaker
This GSA National course is presented by one of the most experienced wage-hour and labor-management experts available, Al Corvigno. Mr. Corvigno is retired from Lockheed-Martin (formerly Loral), with a career that includes Ford Aerospace and Ford Motor Company.

Who Should Attend?
Program, project, and finance managers; business development and contract personnel; payroll and others responsible for classification decisions, wage and salary, fringe benefits and other compensation plans; management personnel responsible for responding to employee inquiries or complaints, federal and state contracting officers; labor relations or other personnel engaged in collective bargaining negotiations; labor organization representatives.

Training Objectives
Our training provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of contract labor standards, including the responsibilities of contracting agencies, contractors, and labor organizations. Training includes references to statutory and regulatory requirements, executive orders, and a wealth of other resource materials. A comprehensive program brochure includes course exercises, practical examples, and lessons learned that add to the experience. Following the course, attendees will be provided with our instructors contact information for ongoing support and answers to inevitable SCA technical questions.

Alert: Some recent changes to be covered in our SCA training agenda:

  • Employee Free Choice Act- HR 800;
  • Nondisplacement of Qualified Workers- #13495;
  • Minimum Wage – #13658;
  • Fair Pay and Safe Workplace Act – #17673;
  • Paid Sick Leave – #13706;
  • DOL Memo’s- 218 (Wage Determinations) and 220 (PPACA changes)

Course Location:

GSA National’s Conference Room (Suite 400/4th floor), 4114 Legato Rd, Fairfax, VA.
Cost: $595 per attendee (contact sca@gsanational.com for group discounts).
Register at https://www.eventville.com/GSA or call (252) 312-4853

Preferred rate accommodations are available for attendees:

Fairfax Marriott at Fair Oaks
11787 Lee Jackson Memorial Highway
Fairfax, Virginia  22033
Click here to reserve a room at a discounted rate

Meet our Director of Training and Compliance Al Corvigno

bios-al Al is an accomplished McNamara-O’Hara Service Contract Act technical expert. He has acquired a broad expertise having spent over 40 years in a labor relations and HR leadership capacity for federal government contractors, including Bethlehem Steel, Ford Motor Company, Ford Aerospace, Loral and Lockheed Martin. Al recently served as the Director of Labor Relations for Lockheed Martin, representing 50,000 employees worldwide, and continues to work closely with the Department of Defense and Department of Labor in a collaborative and instructional role. He has administered and coordinated labor negotiations, arbitration, SCA issues, employee-related legal matters, and human resource training programs. Al’s primary responsibilities at GSA are SCA training, conformance analysis, and compliance coaching.

Have a question for Al? Contact him directly at sca@gsanational.com.

Other Programs Offered by GSA

The SCA and DBRA courses have been combined into a two-day program for parties interested in both statutes (typically facilities maintenance services contractors). Courses can be custom tailored to address specific issues of interest to your company, agency, or organization. On-site, off-site and webinar options are available. For additional information, please send inquiries to sca@gsanational.com.