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SCA Compliance Coaching & Training


Are you Compliant? Industry experts estimate that at least 50% of Contractors are currently out of compliance. Did you know that Contractors are also subject to fines and penalties, both civil and criminal, if their subcontractors are out of compliance with the DOL requirements?

Not knowing your duties is not a defense against compliance deficiencies! With penalties and sanctions becoming more frequent and often substantial, now is the time to put a strategic partner to work for you and your bottom line.

GSA understands the bid implications of SCA compliance and can help you navigate the ever changing and complex compliance landscape. Let our team of compliance experts be the asset that increases your ability to submit winning proposals.

SCA Compliance Training

GSA offers customized training on SCA, DBRA and DBA compliance for companies and contractors alike! Our sessions are NOT just a recitation of the laws, but PRACTICAL training that will teach you how to apply the laws and remain in compliance.

Our expert coaching services include review of key compliance topics, including:

Leave Policies
Payroll Practices
Employee Communications
Fringe Benefit Pay and Recordkeeping

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Meet our Director of Training and Compliance Al Corvigno

bios-al Al is an accomplished McNamara-O’Hara Service Contract Act technical expert. He has acquired a broad expertise having spent over 40 years in a labor relations and HR leadership capacity for federal government contractors, including Bethlehem Steel, Ford Motor Company, Ford Aerospace, Loral and Lockheed Martin. Al recently served as the Director of Labor Relations for Lockheed Martin, representing 50,000 employees worldwide, and continues to work closely with the Department of Defense and Department of Labor in a collaborative and instructional role. He has administered and coordinated labor negotiations, arbitration, SCA issues, employee-related legal matters, and human resource training programs. Al’s primary responsibilities at GSA are SCA training, conformance analysis, and compliance coaching.

Have a question for Al? Contact him directly at sca@gsanational.com.