SCA Fringe Compliance Review

SCA Fringe Compliance Review: The “Look-Back" Process

Are your government contracts in compliance with the Service Contract Act (SCA)?
Determining the health and welfare liability of your Service Contract Act (SCA) contracts – both past and present – is essential to maintaining your long-term viability in the government contracting arena.

Any violations of the Service Contract Act (SCA) could result in severe penalties.
If you’re found to be in violation of the Service Contract Act (SCA), you could be faced with ...
• Contract terminations
• Financial liabilities
• Withholding of contract payments
• Debarment from future contracts
• Legal action

GSA’s Historical Financial & SCA Compliance Analysis can help.
GSA’s “Look-Back” process – which offers a detailed and thorough compliance analysis of SCA contracts – helps government contractors take a preemptive strike against any possible regulatory investigations.

GSA’s “Look-Back” Process tracks bona-fide fringe benefits, cash-in-lieu, underpayments, overpayments, and more.
After a careful and comprehensive examination of records, GSA can provide determinations – by quarter – on ...
• All monies disbursed for bona-fide fringe benefits under the Service Contract Act (SCA), including cash-In-lieu
• Any direct-paid benefits, including sick pay, 401k match, and more
• Any liabilities for funds due employees (i.e. underpayments)
• The amount of any cost overruns (i.e. overpayments)

Cost-effective and compliant solutions for your government service contracts.
GSA’s “Look-Back” process also includes a number of compliant, cost-effective, and comprehensive recommendations, all of which are geared to ...
• Minimize the risk of violating the Service Contract Act (SCA)
• Avoid future funding deficiencies
• Prevent fringe benefit cost overruns
• Enjoy a competitive edge during the bidding process
• Accurately project future costs
• Increase company profits


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